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              Drawing Frame TMFD81(S)

              ● 3 over 3 double zone curvilinear draft system with guiding top roller and pressure bar.
              ● Floating metal bar or rotary flannelette belt for top roller cleaner, and oscillating traverse butyronitrile rubber apron as bottom cleaner.
              ● Optimized driving design, short driving route, steady running and lower noise.
              ● Aluminum alloy overhead creel or Overhead creel lengthwise positive feeding with pressure roller.
              ● Adjustable draft ratios for coiler, front draft, back draft and creel, coupling without key, bring more flexibility for various fibers.
              ● Available for automatic filter cleaning, can-changer positive sliver breaking device for full can; Automatic end making, Automatic central lubrication system, etc. which are optional.
              ● Adopting patented electronic sliver breaking technology
              ● Brand-new cradle pressurizing unit with strong stiffness,pressurizing is stable and reliable,cradle is supported by air-spring,easy to open and close,pneumatic pressure load option is avalilable
              ● Use programmable logic controller (PLC), touch screen display, frequency control of motor speed etc; pre-set central intranet interface, remote error and failure diagnose is available.
              ● TMFD81 changes technical gear manually in traditional ways, TMFD81S is equipped with electrical gear setting system, calibrating weight unevenness digitally, no need to change technical gears.

              Technical specifications:

              Range of Application

              Fiber length up to 76mm combed and carded cotton, chemical fiber and blends



              The highest output speed


              Roller Dia.

              Top Roller

              ¢34 ¢34 ¢34mm

              Bottom Roller

              ¢40 ¢35 ¢35mm

              Drafting System

              3 over 3 double zone curvilinear drafting system with guiding top roller

              Total Draft (between 1st and 3rd rollers)


              Can Size


              ¢400 ¢500 ¢600 ¢800 ¢900 ¢1000mm Height 1100mm


              ¢350 ¢400 ¢500mm Height 1100mm or 900mm

              Feeding Form

              Overhead creel lengthwise positive feeding

              Main Motor


              Power of suction blower


              Power of servo motor


              Product components:



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